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I may not be able to bottle the joy of young family life, but I can certainly capture it on film.

My children’s photography, in London and the South-East, draws out that natural effervescence of your little ones, so you get honest and stylish images that will look great for years to come.

I never ask them to say “cheese” or to sit in uncomfortable poses for ages. Instead, I let them lark around or unleash their imagination, so they have a truly fun experience. This way I can capture that mischievous peek, a split second of shyness, or a burst of energy.

As a parent too, I know about the incredible bond you have with your child. And how you wish those younger years could last forever. I can give you a lasting memento, framed, taking pride of place in your home. And maybe, one day, in your child’s own home.

If you prefer family photography without the formality email: ben@ohanley.co.uk